What Is Racial Profiling Essay

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Jazmin Lara
ERWC, Period 1
15 September 2016
Racial Profiling
In the United States of America today, racial profiling has violated everything the United States of America stands for and represents. Authorities do not have the right to be allowed to stop, arrest, disrespect or harass any individual in America based on their appearance. The general statement made by Timothy Garton Ash in his work, Behind the ban, is that burkas in a free society is a form of expression and it needs be allowed. More specifically, Ash argues that both men and women in a free society need to be permitted and be free to wear what they like. Ash asserts , “Let us defend free speech against violent Islamist intimidation”(Ash). This quote is suggesting
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The general argument made by Christine Pelisek in her work, Family of Black Teen Killed by Pasadena Cops Alleges Racial Profiling, is that there has got to be justice for African-Americans who get frisked by cops. More specifically, the author argues that cops should not put as an excuse that they shot because of “self-defense”. The author asserts, “The shooting of McDade has opened long-festering wounds in northwest Pasadena, where a majority of African-Americans say they have a bad relationship with police .”(Pelisek). The quote is suggesting that the cops had the reason to shoot because the authorities did not get along with African-Americans, and there was no type of connection or relationship for cops to think back at before they shot. African-Americans were not treated with equality. The author stated, “The lawsuit also claims that the city of Pasadena “developed and maintained policies or customs exhibiting deliberate indifference to the constitutional rights of black males” and cited a number of cases where African-Americans were allegedly beaten up, shot, or wrongfully arrested by the police department”(Pelisek). The quote is suggesting that African-Americans were being treated unfairly to the point of being mistreated and getting severely hurt by the authorities. In conclusion, the author believes that the police has to stop putting excuses in their drastic

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