What Is Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality Law enforcement officers have so many issues to deal with, and all of the are usually a joke. There are so many protests and issues with racism that the police officers always do some thing wrong. There are so many cases where police brutality is the key factor and people including media make the police officers look poorly. As a future police officer, it is hard to see a good outcome of the job when others don 't respect them and don 't trust them. There are good cops and bad cops, but there are more good than bad. The shooting against Michael Brown wasn 't completely brought out with the correct facts. Yes, the cops was white, yes the deceased was African American, media makes it seem like it was a racist cops. What are …show more content…
The thing is people never hear about an African American cop shooting a white person because the only person who can be racist is a white person. African Americans aren 't racist, it can only be white people according to African Americans. Every white cop who kills someone of the African American culture is racist. When a officer shoots a white person no one says anything about it, it was just a bad person who got shot by the cops. But when it is the other way around and a white cop kills a African American person people are all over the cops and rioting. It doesn 't matter who the person is, if they are doing something illegal and makes a move that is life threatening to the cop, the cop will take action to protect themselves. There are bad cops yes, but there are a lot of good cops who want to make sure that their communities are safe for their families and everyone else. They don 't wake up thinking they are going to kill someone, they wake up thinking how can He or she be a better cop and what does it take to be a great cop? As time goes on, the life of a cop will get tougher, and more dangerous. People who need to think about cops

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