Personal Narrative: My Future As An OB/GYN

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My Future as an OB/GYN I’ve always strongly considered my future. Even as a kid I just couldn’t wait to grow up and do “big kid” things. However, kids have a tendency to think more of unrealistic careers, like being a princess. Even though I still think I’m going to be a princess, I had to pick a more rational career. When I was in 6th grade, my sister found out she was pregnant. Most of my friends’ moms were still having kids, so it was not only a big deal to me to have a baby in my family like my friends, but it was also a big deal because I was going to be an aunt. I went to all of her ultrasounds and doctors appointments; that’s where my love for babies and the process of pregnancy began. Studying the salary, education, job outlook and …show more content…
OB/GYN services include family planning, breast care, pregnancy and childbirth, vulvar disease, endometriosis, fertility and reproductive health, routine gynecologic care, and more. (“Obstetricians and Gynecologists” Ohio Means Jobs) Hormonal changes and urinary tract infections are also in the hands of an OB/GYN. The job of an OB/GYN is not only to take care of their patients and treat them. They also have to show good bedside manners. Doctors need to have a good attitude and positive voice tones to earn the trust of their patients. If doctors don’t earn their trust, they may request for a different doctor or they may be uncomfortable around you. As a doctor, you want their visit to be as comfortable as possible. During procedures that may frighten the patient or before an operation, you want them to feel safe and positive that you will do a good job at what you’re doing. OB/GYN’s perform surgeries like c-sections, repairs and removals of female body parts and multiple other operations. The job duties of a surgeon is to correct physical deformities, and to repair bone and tissue after injuries (Physicians and surgeons U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Because OB/GYN’s are doctors and surgeons with many job duties, they make a good amount of money depending on their years of

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