Essay on What Is Job Drives You With The Compassion?

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What in job drives you with the compassion you have to do what you do? Some people are just born with it. Some people are just born to care for all children regardless of what their needs are. I don’t think its something you can teach. I don’t think the empathy and compassion and the love is something that is taught in higher education. I think it is something that you have inside of you and some people have it more than others. And that separates the exceptional from the mediocre. My parents and kids know that I would do absolutely anything that has to be done for them. To advocate from them and it is my job to pour as much strength, independence, knowledge, and resilient into the children and parents well I have then before I set them free into the big world of 3 to 21.
Parental Interaction Parental interaction within their child’s school is very important. Research suggests that parents that are involved in their child’s school at less once or more a year have fewer behavioral problems, are better academically, and will complete high school. Having parents and children interaction in the child’s school results in a positive effect especially in the elementary and secondary levels of school. It is also evidence that teachers tend to pay more attention to their students within their class that have parents involved in the school. This is where teachers notice changes in the child’s behavior or even academic learning and studying. The teacher is able to…

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