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Gone With the Wind Critical Analysis Gone with the Wind directed by Victor Fleming, released in 1939 is a historic film that portrays the life of a young female, Scarlett O’Hara. Taking place before, during and after the Civil War, embraces O’Hara’s experiences, struggles, victories, relationships and failures. Although this film was made decades ago, it created an impact and is still one of the most preeminent movies ever made. The filmmakers used consistent work, by incorporating beautifully adequate costume design, precise sound, and unbelievable cinematography that all came together to allow the audience to live in the moment.
The believable outfits and accessories that characters wore, were mesmerizing. From hats, to robes, to gloves,
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Music is more influential in films than we think, perhaps, music is “a feature which is more commonly aligned with techniques of dramatic film; it is used to ‘manipulate an emotional response in the audience.” (Murray 2010: 135) This appears to be very certain and relatable especially in the film Gone with the Wind. As different scenes emerge, we encounter music of all kinds. In pleasant and untroubled situations, the music appears to be cheerful, hopeful, inspiring and touching. The music makes a soothing relationship between the events taking place at the moment and the sound chosen. At the beginning of Gone With the Wind, the days are shiny bright and it is colorful all around. Throughout the movie many experiences take place that aren’t as jolly as the beginning. Therefore, we encounter with low, deep sounds. Gone with the Wind is a wonderful example of how sound is fairly included based on the situations taking …show more content…
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