Personal Narrative: Going To School

When I was in pre k I liked going to school so much but suddenly my mind changed when I skipped grade 1 and went to grade 2. I remember when I was in 2nd grade,I didn’t wanted to go to school. To me the hard part of the school was the students and the teachers, they were like a crow to me and I am the cat who is being chased by the crow. So when I walked through the brown door of the classroom I could feel the shiver in my body. I could hear the sound of children talking and laughing. Also I could smell the perfume of the students and teachers and the smell of their feet. I was always nervous and scared of being in a classroom full of student that I cried every morning before the school started.
I thought if I do something wrong in the school everybody would laugh. For example, if a teacher asks me a question and I answer it but it was wrong everybody would laugh so loudly. I thought that because I heard people talking about these topics many times and one day I saw it by my own eyes that a nice tall girl in my Math class is being laughed at for answering a question wrong, not that the student just laughed but
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Later my mom would come to my room to convince me about school and I can smell the scent of the shampoo from her hair, it was a soft aroma like rose petals freshly bloomed. She would say, “ What is wrong with you? every morning you create a drama to not to go to school and you are making all of us tired”. “That’s because,I don 't like going to school” I answered.
Than she would say that,“If I go to school I would learn new things about different subjects, I will make new friends and I will have fun with them”. I made an angry face so she could understand that I am not interested in her boring topic.
“ Why not? is there any problem, that you want to share with me?” my mom asked.
“ No there is not any problem mom and I don’t want to talk now, I am tired.” I

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