Essay What Is God, Or Better, Who Is God?

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66. What is God, or better, WHO IS ‘GOD’?
• Undeniably, the belief system of anyone is closely connected to the achieved step on the ladder of Evolution. Therefore, an inherent aptitude cannot be voluntarily modified into something else the person cannot be ‘mentally comfortable’ with. Not surprisingly, that throughout the history, in the natural absence of the clear consensus on Existence of God and character of God, various concepts have emerged among Terrestrial Humans. To some is heart lifting to worship the Superior Being and to others is natural to reject any belief in the Existence of deities or God. Theistic concept considers God who created and sustains everything as omnipotent and eternal and at the same time transcendent and imminent – in other words, infinite and present in every day’s Life. Deism is a theological and philosophical position which basically assumes God as non-interventionists Creator – i.e. the God with no interest in interfering in Human affairs. Of course, the other ‘schools of Thought’ advocate another ideas, but Panentheism should be for this occasion singled out on the basis of the key postulate which suggests that God contains but is not exactly the Universe itself, as, per example. Pantheism asserts. Similar views share Theosophists and some branches of Hinduism and the specific aspects of Kabbalistic Judaism as well.
Fundamentally, having no Genuine Knowledge on God all avenues of Human Contemplation are free in ‘inventing’ the ideas…

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