Essay about What Is Gm Foods For Human Consumption

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This paper will explain the meaning GM foods, the process of producing GM foods and some of the GM foods available in the market today. A brief explanation of the genetic alteration made to the some of the GM foods mentioned in the paper will be enumerated. Since the genetic engineering of foods has always been a controversial topic in the society, this paper will address some the concerns the society has about the consumption of GM foods. Furthermore, a section will be dedicated to explaining the duties of the government agencies that regulate the GM foods. Finally, I will make an inferred conclusion as to the safety and fitness of GM foods for human consumption.
The definition of GM foods
Genetically engineered foods have had foreign genes (genes from other plants or animals) inserted into their genetic codes. Genetic engineering can be done with plants, animals or bacteria and other microorganisms. The aim of the science of genetic engineering is to produce the desired traits in plants and animal that we propagate. In addition, the concept of the genetic engineering helps increase yields and improves the quality of food, a good example is a tomato that has been genetically modified to maintain their freshness longer (Guy, n.d.). According to Friis (2013), the advantages of the GM foods are the development of genetically engineered plants that are both herbicide and pest resistance; the improvement of the nutritional value of food and food crops; for example,…

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