Essay about What Is Global Warning?

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What is global warning?

Our world faces an everlasting dangerous threat…… global warming. This is caused by the increase of the earth’s atmosphere temperature and by the moving levels of carbon dioxide. We know this because in the last 650,000 years the polar ice caps have gradually been reduced to water.

The Polar ice caps melting.

Other things have also been caused by this problem such as the ocean rising, heat rising, droughts, floods, storms and many more that will occur in the following years. For example in 2012, Hurricane Sandy killed 147 people and this was because of global warming. To solve this whole problem, countries are discussing it and we need to do a lot more in order to save our planet. For example in 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pledged to reduce pollution from our power plants by a third by 2030. 195 countries have so far stated that they will reduce pollution in their homeland. The main reason behind global warming is

that there are so many emissions that are being released into the environment, such as greenhouse gases, vehicle gases and mainly all carbon dioxide. These then stay in the atmosphere for a long period of time and release a lot of heat. To counteract releasing all these gases we must plant more trees, reduce fumes from vehicles and greenhouses, use renewable energy and less electricity. "I believe global warming is inevitable; it 's only a question of magnitude and time," Robert Watson told the Senate Environment…

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