What Is Gender Equality In Sports

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All throughout sports men have dominated the fields and courts. But, women have the right to play sports just as much as men do. That is why in 1972 law called Title IX was passed. This law requires both male and female’s in every school that receives federal funding to have equality. Not many people understood how many schools didn’t have equal facilities and tools for female programs.
Federally funded institutes, in order to stay federally funded must comply with Title IX. The first thing they must do is distribute scholarship money proportionally. If the men’s soccer team gets 4 full ride offers then the women’s team must too. Next the benefits and facilities must be similar. Men’s teams have fancy locker rooms, buses, trainers at every
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In the early 1900s women would never be offered an opportunity to pick up any sort of ball. As time went on women began to gain more and more opportunity. When Title IX was passed in 1972, there was about 300 thousand girls competing in high school sports. After revolutionizing sports, according to motherjones.com, in 2011 girls participation rose to 3.2 million girls. Many highs schools have a women’s sport for every men’s sport. This is mandatory to abide by Title IX. As the years go on women become more of a norm in sports. Women are now seen more in other roles other than playing. This year the first female NFL referee was hired to referee football. The new Arizona Cardinal’s defensive linebackers coach is female also. As women become more and more relevant in these roles and are seen to be successful the sex barrier will be further pushed in sports until there is none. Title IX has also benefited the utilities the women use. Uniforms would be handed down to the women after years of men sweating in them. Even facilities to practice in were biased toward men leaving women with the lesser facility. All these benefits have been made possible by Title IX. Women’s sports has revolutionized since the law passed leading to improved opportunities for …show more content…
Many institutes still don’t follow every implement that is discussed in Title IX. It is hard to do, to have money in order to pay for all of it and athletic programs think that because male athletics bring in more money they are going to favor them. One case of Title IX allegedly being broken was in 2011 with Yale University. Sixteen students filed a complaint that Yale is a sexually hostile environment preventing women from having the same opportunities men have on campus. The Title IX complaint files events over the last 7 years. In 2006 and in 2010 frats were walking through campus where mostly freshman live chanting “No means yeas, and yes means anal!” and “My name is Jack, I am a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women and fill them with my semen.” In both these instances no disciplinary action was taken. In 2004 and 2005 when Yale had there Take Back the Night rally, where sexually assaulted victims made shirts and displayed them throughout campus, shirts were stolen and vandalized. No disciplinary action was taken also. Other more minor scenarios happened at Yale as well. Yet in order for the campus to read the level of a Title IX violation it must be “sufficiently serious to deny or limit a student 's ability to participate in or benefit from [a school 's] program." This complaint was set off and said not to be of the level of Title IX violations. This report documented by Claire Gordon on

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