Fine Arts In Education Analysis

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Arts in Education
An Analysis of Whether or Not Fine Art should be Included in Education Most schools nationwide offer classes such as band, art, drama, and dance to name a few. Some of these fine arts could be competitive. Most students are in any one of these classes, or could be in multiple classes. Throughout the years, there have been national debates of whether or not these classes are a necessary part of a student’s education. Many of these students who take these classes enjoy taking them. Some believe that these classes are not only necessary but are vital for a student’s growth. While others believe that instead of fine arts, students should be focusing on more complicated classes such as additional science classes and so
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Being in a fine arts class, I also realize that it is necessary to have a well-rounded education. Fine arts are a crucial part of a student’s education because students are proven to excel in school while taking a fine art, it helps these students to work with others, and fine arts could be an important part later in their lives. To begin, students who take fine arts classes are proven to excel in school. Students who take these fine arts classes are taking classes that are not easy, they could be considered difficult for some. All of these difficulties have led some researchers to investigate whether or not these fine arts classed improve student’s scores. What the researchers found is shocking. After taking several surveys the researchers found that not only does music and fine arts help students do better in school, …show more content…
Since fine arts classes require precision, concentration, and dedication, this would theoretically make these students better workers when they grow up. Not only do these students interact with others, but these students could potentially go into a fine arts field. There are hundreds of jobs that require people to be great artists. Companies every day is trying to find people who can draw, sculpt, or are just talented in art. Also, there are many jobs relating to the band such as a band teacher. It takes a special person to dedicate most of their time to music. With these fine arts classes some of these students may realize that they enjoy what they do. Not only are these types of people in need currently, they also get paid exceptionally well (depending on the job). If schools were to get rid of fine arts in schools, they would be eliminating the potential of additional students to receive jobs in fine arts. Not only could these students get jobs doing fine arts, these students could also develop a hobby that could last for their entire life. For example, my grandfather took art in school, and ever since then he has been an artist. My grandpa not only makes good money from his art, but it’s a hobby that he’ll do until the day he dies. If there had not been any art classes during my grandpa’s time in school, he could have very possibly not been as much into art as he is now. Students could also

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