How To Stop Fast Food Persuasive Essay

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Open up the refrigerator and there is nothing to eat, open up the pantry and again there is nothing appetizing enough to satisfy the hunger that is almost unbearable at this point. What is one to do when this happens? Of course making something to eat from scratch is not an option since that is excessively much work, but it sure is easy to drive to the nearest fast food restaurant and order the food through that small window. With fast-food places open 24/7 this would obviously be the fast way to get food, but is it the best? In most families in the United States, there is no time to make a healthy meal for the family. Parents should not cut off fast food forever, but instead have a reasonable amount that would not affect their
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Then why do parents continually feed this poisonous food to themselves and their children? Probably because parents come from work exhausted and with no energy. The easiest and most satisfying way to feed their annoying little children is by picking up a not so much “Happy” meal on their way home. Fast food purchases may be mainly bought due to the combination of laziness and lack of time. This effects the persons health in the long run if its ate …show more content…
The goal is not to completely vanish fast food for the rest of their kid 's lives. The parents can set a time when they are allowed to consume fast food, such as once a week. The family can help each other make a more mouth watering, homemade dinner that will not take a long to prepare. This also helps the parents and children to sit together at the dinner table and talk about their days. A family can enjoy a very healthy dinner together and communicate about their day. Families should learn to have a time to be together, and what a perfect way then to combine it with

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