Fast Food In David Zinzenko's Don T Blame The Eater

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Have you eaten a burger from McDonald's? the question: must there be warning labels on the bag? Really, a label has all negative effects of eating one burger. There are so many of unsaid dangers that will come from fast food. Having a lack of personal responsibility in fast food consumers is a total contributing factor that will lead to a childhood obesity.

"Don’t Blame the Eater" by David Zinczenko claims that the only inexpensive meal for teenagers is the fast food and there is a lack of grocery stores. He does this by mentioning the example that if you want to find grapefruit you can't but you can find hundreds of fast food restaurants. He supported that by saying that the fast food meals do not have a chart of calories or even if they
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For example, if it is in the midnight and you are hungry, you probably will think to not eat something with so many calories or something heavy that will make you full and you will not be able to sleep, which is not good. However, I noticed that the essay was written in 2001-2002, so today some of the fast food restaurants have better healthy food choices like salads, milk, and fruits on kids’ meals. No one is forcing you to eat fast food; it is your choice and your responsibility. You can change your life if you want, you do not have to blame others. If you do not want to eat fast food like burger does not just throw it and get something that won't harm you. Everyone is responsible for what they are doing. That is why we have a brain to think about what we are doing and if it is right or wrong. For example, the last time my mom called my grandmother was two days ago, and she found out that my grandmother ate something really oily and salty. My grandmother has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so many health problems that after she ate it she went to the hospital and now she cannot move half of her body. They told her that after a couple of weeks she will be back to normal. I understand sometimes our desires are stronger than our will to make us stop doing something that will make us sick. But we have a brain and we should use it. I agree that fast food is not good for our health, but that does not mean that we should blame the company, or that we can sue them because that is their businesses. So, the only solution we have is to control ourselves and control our desires. If we cannot control them, you cannot blame others for what you are doing. We are old enough to make

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