What Is Emily Dickinson's Life Timeline

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"A Timeline of Emily Dickinson's Life." Emily Dickinson Museum. Trustees of Amhurst College, 2009. Web. 21 Nov. 2015. The Timeline crafted by the Trustees of Amhurst College starts in 1810, well before the birth of Emily Dickinson. The timeline itself, although it is about Dickinson, includes events that happened before her time and that she didn’t participate in, but probably impacted society and her life. An example is the Civil War. Both births and deaths within her family and close circle of friends are included. The timeline informs readers of events that had a direct or indirect impact on Dickinson’s life ending with the publishing of her first book, four years after her death.

Berry, S. L. Emily Dickinson: Voices in Poetry.
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This book focuses on Emily Dickinson’s painful, lonely life. Dickinson is evaluated by a professional psychiatrist who spent seven years of their life immersing themselves in many of her biographies, her poetry, and personal letters. Her emotional state, connection to her family and religion, and lack of lust and affection are the core topics of this book. It is raw and captures the truly depressing and unspoken side of Dickinson’s life.

Levi, St Armand Barton. Emily Dickinson and Her Culture: The Soul's Society. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1984. Google Scholar. Web. 29 Nov. 2015. St. Armand Barton Levi does not only discuss the Emily Dickinson’s use of religion in her poetry, but also talks about her differing views on judgment day. Levi mentions Victorian society, religion, and science. He mentioned how her personal opinions were evident in some poems and not as much in others. Levi briefly covered some of her own personal thoughts on current events of her time. Interestingly, Levi also dedicated part of his book to Dickinson’s keepsakes.

Lundin, Roger. Emily Dickinson and the Art of Belief. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Pub., 1998.
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The timeline itself is detailed. This book analyzes many of Dickinson’s poems. Sometimes he criticizes her work, but always presents the reader with his interpretation of her work. The chronology allows readers to examine his interpretation and reference a timeline to find parallels between major events in Dickinson’s life and her poetry.

Keane, Patrick J. Emily Dickinson's Approving God: Divine Design and the Problem of Suffering. Columbia: U of Missouri, 2008. Print. Patrick J. Keane discusses the impact religion had on Emily Dickinson’s daily life. Regardless of how much Dickinson spaced herself between the outside world, she still felt the sting and sometimes comfort of organized religion and it is evident through her poetry. Many important topics were of discussion in Keane’s book such as the images of God that Dickinson portrayed, the evolution of science and its effect on religion and society, and Dickinson’s personal interpretation of religion.

Phillips, Elizabeth. Emily Dickinson: Personae and Performance. University Park: Pennsylvania State UP, 1988.

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