Emily Dickinson's Life Influence Her Poetry

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Dickinson’s life influenced her poetry to a great extent. The things she experienced and the situations that drove her into seclusion so that she can write shaped her poetry. Her style has influenced other great poets of her time and has also affected American literature. Her life influenced her style and dictation and also was used to express her feelings. The themes of Death, Love, and Friendship can be also seen in her poems because they were impacted by the people in her life.
Many people in Dickinson’s life influenced the way she wrote her poems. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and William Blake are some just to name a few. Dickinson’s poetry was affected mostly by the poets of her own time and also by her reading of the Book of Revelation. Her desire for intimacy also helped her produce some of her most notable poems. Sources say that “In her early years Dickinson was mostly influenced by Leonard Humphrey, the principal at her school,
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Dickinson is believed to be one of the most important poets ever. Her small works about death, love, and nature stood out above the rest of the poets of her time. It is said that she wrote hundreds of poems and that each one of them has a different influence from her life. The situations and events in her life are shown to have a major influence on them. Sources say that “Only 10 poems out of the 1,800 that she wrote were ever published.” These exact poems are the same ones that she wrote in her room, by herself. These poems are said to have change and made a gigantic impact on American Literature even in today’s time. Dickinson’s poem also changed the world, her poems helped aid in the women rights movement. These examples just show how influential her works were even after her own death, each poem that was published had a sort of uniqueness to it. Her style and tone was different for her time, a brand new style you can

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