What Is Digital Knowledge Will? Open New Horizons? Essay

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While many people might consider the human art of thinking, and more predominantly, the act of creating knowledge as something that can only be achieved through first-hand experience or research, recent technological advancements within the last decade have led to many new ways of achieving this. Knowledge creation can be defined as the formation of new ideas which can be accomplished through interactions between explicit and implicit knowledge occurring during thought (Business Dictionary 2016). Technological advancements such as the Internet and Wireless technologies have made an enormous impact on the way people experience their everyday lives, as online collaboration, social networking, and educational institutions have become widely promoted in many Western countries. The purpose of this essay is to discuss whether digital knowledge will ‘open new horizons’ in thinking and the creation of knowledge, as well as how technological advancements will alter the role of the individual in doing so, by looking at how we currently understand knowledge, cognitive influences on the individual, the democratisation of knowledge in education, and the relationships that humans have with technology. Within the last decade, many changes have occurred regarding how we view and understand knowledge. As digital knowledge has become more prominent, knowledge has shifted to being seen as more incremental and as separated from daily life (Whiteman 1981, p. 91). An example of this can be seen…

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