What Is Corporal Punishment And How Does It Differ From Abuse?

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1. What is corporal punishment and how does it differ from abuse?
The difference between corporal punishment and abuse is the reason for the physical harm. Corporal punishment is when an individual commits physical pain on another, but only attempted when discipline is needed. An action of corporal punishment is similar to abuse; corporal punishment involves yelling at, slapping, and spanking children for misbehavior, noncompliance and immediate obedience (Berk, 2007).
2. Does spanking contribute to future problem behavior in childhood, adolescence, and/or adulthood?
Not only does corporal punishment, yelling at, slapping, and spanking, provided momentary compliance, it also contributes to future problems, such as severe mental health, emotional, social and academic problems, in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood (Berk, 2007). According to Kendra Cherry, yelling and corporal punishment is commonly seen within the authoritarian style (2016). Authoritarian style is one of the methods for child rearing. According to the textbook, Development Through the Lifespan (Berk, 4th edition), Child rearing styles is defined as a “combinations of parenting behaviors that occur over a wide range of situations, creating an enduring child-rearing climate” (Chapter 8: Emotional and Social Development in Early Childhood (ages 2-6) [Powerpoint], n.d.). According to the textbook, Baumrind concluded that…

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