What Is Computer Science Personal Statement

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Personal Statement
Since my acquaintance with Intel 586 during my primary school, I’ve had a magic relationship with computer science. The seed of the desire to be involved in the information world has been sown in the bottom of my heart at an early age. My decision of study engineering during my undergraduate period was actually derived from the readings concerning computer science and raw contact with the science and mathematics in my spare time. I was deeply convinced by my interests in logical deduction both in detective novels and mathematics. However, there is always a widely recognized opinion that girls’ logic thinking ability and coordinating capacity are inferior to the boys’. Without doubt, my decision was rejected by most of my
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In class, I actively interacted with the teachers and tried to be clear on the difficult knowledge points, seeking explanations from teachers. In the senior design project, I cooperated with other five students to finish the tasks, showing extraordinary teamwork spirit and time management skills. As the one in charge of inter-group communication, I did my best in my position to ensure close cooperation and promote the project progress. Study of Electrical Engineering offered me more opportunities to realize the conceptional ideas through hardware, analyze data, and analyze and optimize the simulated circuit. In my spare time, driven by the insatiable hunger for computer science, I also made approaches to some professional books concerning programming such as Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design, by Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic, and The C++ Programming language by Bjarne Stroustrup to make up for the relevant knowledge deficiency. Given the acquired knowledge, I expect to better deal with the relationship between software and hardware and more efficiently take advantage of their …show more content…
The reason why I still desire to go to America to further my professional study, except the comprehensive knowledge system the program offers me, is the free and friendly learning environment, in which professors are never “teachers” but who listen to us students and even want to learn from us. In USA, teamwork and practice are paid more attention. The last five-year studying and living in USA inclines me to further my study there again. Your university, in which, a team of outstanding faculty are equipped and various research orientations exist, enjoys an international reputation and offers many practice opportunities. I will realize my self-improvement in such a campus with dense academic

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