What Is A Negative Effects On The Mental Health Of Animals In Zoos?

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Register to read the introduction… One study done at the Malaysian zoo revealed that animals, particularly big animals such as giraffes and elephants, have developed a medical condition known as Zoochosis (Michal, n.d.) This is an informal term that is used to describe the depressed behavior and physical actions of animals kept in confinement. (Michal, n.d.) “If you have ever witnessed a captive animal rock back and forth, you’ve seen the disease firsthand. This condition is so rampant in zoos that some zoos give the animals mood altering drugs such as Prozac, because the public has started to catch on” (carry, 2012) Some animals have even chosen to risk their lives to escape confinement. “At the Dallas zoo, a gorilla named Jabari tried to escape by jumping the walls of his enclosure, only to be fatally shot by the police.” (Carr,

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