What Is 10 Common Bad Habits In Business?

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Many of us expect business people to be wise with their decisions, consistent with

their schedules, and fully aware of unexpected happenings. One of Main Street, New York’s

article, Business Ethics 101 in 2013, by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, talks about the advantages and

disadvantages of the business field. Kansas State University’s Chair of the business ethics

initiative, Diane Swanson, describes how she believes that the ethics are similar to the traditional

developments in life. New England College of Business and Finance President, Howard E.

Horton, implied that work fields aren’t only affected by the original evolutionary process but also

at how social media participates in everyday lives. Businesses are becoming more conscious
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Since early 1900s until now, scandalous

and selfish situations had happen to most employees from different companies, which lead the

economy to take action. Frauds begun to happen, unfair salary became a problem or as said in,

10 Common Bad Habits in Business: Avoid These Traps, by Ronda Bowen, false promises had

been made, favoritism causes employee to step down from their positions and the systems of

unethical behavior continues to fail. After many years, most of the businesses solution was to

create their own code of ethics to refrain themselves from being sued or to go through any future

chaos again.

Diane Swanson conveys the impression that business ethics comes from a step by

step process. She believes that code of ethics had naturally been made by how poorly each

business had handled their problems in the previous years. Code of Ethics are the company’s

ways to demonstrate what they have to offer, and their way of showing others their morals and

values. That is pretty much another way of saying they want to be respected and don’t want
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The amount of technology that the world has today includes high efficiency quality in most

cameras or technologic devices. The similarity in Swanson and Horton’s beliefs are that

companies will be put at risk to pay for their consequences if they continue to not realize their

own business ethics.

In the article by Author N. Nayab’s, Real-World Examples of Bad Business Ethics,

shows various selections from unethical business ethics that had happened in the past. One of the

examples was from Mcdonald’s, where the company was allowed to pay their employees less

than minimum wage, due to the poor selfish acts by their wealthy founder, Ray Kroc.

Unfortunately lower wages was not the only poor condition that ruined their employees, they

were also caught serving unhealthy food, presented false advertisement, and damaged the

environment with their polluted factories. Nowadays, there has been many proof through social

media at how bad this company had came to be. Videos of these poor business ethics can be

found online and some may come off as rather disgusting. “McDonald’s claims to give back to

the community and the environment by working with schools and local organizations, but

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