What I Learned Throughout The Book ' The Wayne Au ' Essays

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During the indigenous/Native American week, there were many relations and new things that I learned throughout the week. From chapter nine in the Wayne Au book I learned that everyone has a different way of growing up and we all need to embrace where we came from. What I learned the most about that week we all have to love ourselves and who we are. If it was not for our generation before us we would not where we are today and that already is such a huge success because other countries do not the life we are living today. Native Americans were know as “ different” because they their lifestyle was different growing up such as: hunting, the dancing culture and the tongues. Instead of being opened and understand the different ethnicities, they were taken away from their homes and identity and that is not fair just like the Mexican Americans. Many past generations made sacrifices and no matter what they did for us to be here, we should embrace who we are because we all have came a long way.
Continuing with the Japanese American History, there were many new things that I learned this week and I thought it was very opened. One of the things that I caught my attention about this week was the importance of microaggressions. The video that we saw at the beginning of this week was very eye opening because there were many myths and saying that people say towards other ethnicities. “ One of the most basic level, the Myth of the Model Minority mass the diversity that exists within the…

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