What I Learned From School Curriculum Essay

785 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
When creating my unit plan, I learned that even though school curriculum can sometimes hinder your ability to be an effective teacher I can still create meaningful instruction. Therefore, by using the top-down design I can still plan instruction that is based on the needs of the students. Consequently, it became very evident that top-down teaching relies heavily on the student’s background and experience to obtain knowledge. In addition, I gained understanding of how the overall learning experiences should be planned with the summative assessment in mind. Therefore, instead of first figuring out what to activities do, I found out that starting with the goals and standards and then developing the lessons based on performances is beneficial in preparing students to learn. Furthermore, even though this strategy for teaching appears to support “teaching to the test”, as an educator that is exactly what we should be doing. We are not teaching the test per say, but by knowing what the final assessment is we should use this design so that students may perform successfully on the final assessment. Although top-down design does prove to be beneficial, I did have some struggles when planning the unit. The component that proved to be the most troubling was planning instruction and learning experiences for the students. Primarily, the portion which was an intricate facet was sequencing the lessons. I felt that when attempting to sequence it was difficult to provide short and…

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