What I Learned From English Composition Essay

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What I learned from English Composition I early on was that College English would not be at all like High School. Therefore, I knew going into English Composition II that the expectations would be even greater. As a result, my expectations at the beginning of this class were as expected, challenging. I expected this class to help prepare me to become a successful writer for college as well as for the world of work. What I didn’t expect was to have a collaborative writing assignment with other students, yet it was interesting to combine our writing styles to come up with a unique paper to present. Throughout this semester we have had numerous assignments to teach us various styles of writing as well as group assignments. The main thing that I learned most to produce argumentation and research based essays. This process taught me how to navigate my way through websites to turn in papers and essays. Consequently these sites have assisted me in critiquing my writing skills.
As an Animal Science major I have realized the need for writing across the curriculum. While reflecting on my English 1321 classroom learning experiences I realized that my writing is not simply a process of developing an essay but helped me to understand the information presented by my professors. In each class I have had since being here at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff I have had to write especially in this class. Writing and research has helped me to gain a better understanding of a…

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