What I Learned At College Essay

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What I learned in my first semester at college….

1. Don’t kid yourself, you’re terrified & you should be
I remember being super emotional that day that I moved into my dorm. My parents were super stressed out and trying to remain calm, however I was a nervous wreck. I was so excited all summer and then the day came and suddenly I was terrified and filled with anxiety. The moment my parents were parking the cars and I had to sign my contract of dorm living alone, I remember my teeth started chattering and my body became chill. I was alone and had to move all this stuff into my “home”. Emotions are going to run high so just let it happen and try your hardest to not lash out or be a pill, it’s an exciting time, but one of the hardest days thus
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Suddenly I was surrounded with people who loved me unconditionally and prayed for me constantly, something that’s not very common to find at college. I know it’s pretty typical to hear that “you’ll learn to appreciate this when you leave”, but that is SO TRUE! Your family has your back no matter what and wants to hear about all the fun you’re having while you’re away. Also, tell your family all about all the fun you’re having while away… it makes them feel better. I remember my mother telling me one time that “I’m not sad you’re gone because I know you’re doing big things on your …show more content…
I had a roommate who didn’t have to study and would pull an A every time. You are going to get frustrated and want to drop out. Through countless exams and failures, I have learned that 1. Grades are not eternal and 2. I gave that exam my best shot so I should be proud of myself for the hard work I put in. Are you going to get discouraged every time an exam comes around? Yes. However, continue to pray and study even harder and communicate with your professors. It’s going to be the best feeling in the world getting that exam back that maybe you got a B or even an A on and knowing you worked so hard for

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