What I Learned About Myself Essay

1200 Words Dec 8th, 2014 5 Pages
While coordinating and overseeing this project, I learned many things. I not only learned about myself, but about the people who volunteered to help and the Little Jags. I learned that a little help and an extra push goes a long way in a child’s life. The teachers do genuinely care about them and want them to succeed, but sometimes, they just cannot give them the help that they need, simply because there is one teacher and too many students.
I have learned tons just by watching the Little Jags and how they function. They are only children, and I truly believe they should be expected to learn like children. They should be held to certain standards, but a little fun added to the monotony of basic learning can be very beneficial to the child’s performance. I think that with games and lots of hands on activities applied to their lessons, they learn and retain the knowledge better, which leads to better understanding of what is being presented. I have learned that with a little extra push and reassurance, students can excel inside and outside of the classroom. I have also learned that all the younger kids really need is someone to believe them and help them along the way. Even the little things that you do not think have any influence on the Little Jags goes a long way. They also remember and take into consideration what you say, do, and show them
I think that the concept of learning through one-on-one interactions with someone a little closer to their age paired with learning…

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