What I Learned About Leadership Essay

726 Words Jul 11th, 2016 3 Pages
There has always been a debate about the leadership, does some people poses this quality by birth, or people are trained and educated and they become leaders. However, for me leadership is necessity to poses because it is part of my job. I studied for four years in the military academy and one of the key elements that we were taught to have is leadership. After graduation, and on my first military assignment I had to prove to myself, what I have learned about leadership and what I am going to learn about leadership on my assignments. My first assignment was to a field work in a small village near our capital. This village needed help and support from the military in renewing the road infrastructure. On this assignment I learned that I must possess knowledge, motivation and respect. These tree skills were very important to me as a leader, and they were crucial elements in enhancing and straitening my leadership abilities.
Knowledge is the first key skill in leadership which every military officer has to have. On my assignment I learned the importance of possessing it. In the military academy we were taught how to do complex tasks in different field assignments. Furthermore, we had opportunity to spend some time in big construction companies which were engaged in building and rebuilding roads. This practice lessons and the military studies gave me the needed knowledge that I should poses as a skill in leadership. While working with my subordinates I had the opportunity to…

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