What I Learned About Dental Hygiene Process Of Care Essay

1160 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
The semester 3 clients care clinic started off as very nerve-racking experiences for me but slowly turned into more exciting and comfortable. Through these semesters there was a lot of important information that we have all earned and it is important to bring it all together to be successful in clinics. We have also learned about dental hygiene process of care model and that is a significant aspect in client care clinics. As we started clinic in week 2 I found that my time management skills were not as good. I found myself wasting time and not using it efficiently but as more clinics happened, I got better and was able to do things in advanced, which really helped. As I started completing my health history, setting up, probing it all started coming back to me from semester 1/2 and having my DH2 work on me. At first it was harder because I felt like I was forgetting many things that were very important but reviewing notes and also help from the DH2’s on Wednesdays and Thursdays really helped. By the third week of client care I was much more comfortable. I had 2 clients, a gbc client and my sister. Having my sister as a client was very nice because I was so comfortable with her so it was better for me since I was not so worried. My gbc client was also very nice. She was 30 years old so it was better to work with her and understand her since there was not such a big age difference. She was also a very good client since she was serious about these appointments and did come every…

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