Essay on What I Know About Perception

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Perception The only thing that gets people through their day is communication. Everyone uses it in one way or another. Human beings are very complex, but at the same time, quite simple. The past year of my life has been the craziest year of my life, and I loved it. I used to have ineffective communicating and listening skills, but now I feel so much better. The past 10 months I have really began to find out who I am as a person and it feels great. I’ve come to realize that communicating with others is enjoyable and exciting now. Chapter 4 is all about perception. I feel as if most people get the wrong idea of me and perceive me differently than who I really am. I am in the midst of achieving my biggest dreams since I was a little kid, it feels like people do not see it that way. I’ve had a unique situation and I have noticed my communication skills have significantly increased in that time being. The main reasons my skills have increased is due to my mentality, work ethic, and intentions. I really like my story and who I am becoming as a man. I moved across the country when I was 18 to play baseball and achieve my dream. I had an extremely bad high school experience and lost myself as a person. When I started living on my own I slowly and slowly began to grow back into myself. I have talked to a couple of professional scouts and they said I have a chance at the 2017 draft. I have put my heart and soul in what I do and once I started this class my communication skills…

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