What I Know About My Mom Essay

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Obviously everyone has heard the saying everyone is different. Which is true, and that means that people are going to have different opinions on their relationship with "stuff". Growing up my mom has always told me, "Erica you better not get rid of your grandma 's stuff when you get older, or I 'm gonna come back and haunt you." Which I guess I 'm just not a sentimental person, but I have never saw the point of keeping it.

To me in order to keep something you have to use it. So I have never really seen the point of sentimental things. Like I don 't use them so why keep them. My mom on the other hand has old cook books, china, glass vases, and other things of my grandma 's that we don 't use, locked up in the garage somewhere. Heaven forbid I ever talk about getting rid of some of it. " I can 't believe you even said that, thats your grandmothers stuff Erica.", is what I 'll hear for the next month.

Don 't get me wrong I love stuff. I 'm always buying new stuff, shopping is one of my favorite things to do besides sleep. Anybody that knows me can vouch that all I ever want to do is go to target and buy stuff. I ask someone everyday almost if they want to go to target, but that doesn 't mean I keep all of this stuff. If I don 't use something anymore I get rid of it. If something isn 't important I get rid of it. If something is broken I get rid of it.

Which is why I can 't understand people who keep all this stuff. I mean I can understand some things that people hoard.…

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