What I Know About Integrating Culture And Diversity Into Their Early Childhood

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What I Know! Within the title there are three main words that stand out to me: interculturalism, diversity, and early childhood. All three of these words play a major role in our educational success today. I know that teaching our young generation about integrating culture and diversity into their early childhood helps promote peace and respect. The earlier we introduce various cultures and diversities, the greater the opportunity for these young minds to build strong relationships with their peers and to make the world an easier place to thrive.
Interculturalism to me means the integrating or interacting of different cultures. It’s understanding each other’s background or history and accepting each person for whom they are. It’s respecting the beliefs of others and learning in depth about cultures outside of your own. I feel that it’s important to teach this at an early age because children don’t see “hate” in the world. Children only know what hate is when it’s taught to them from those whom are uneducated on the matter. Growing up my father taught me that the only pure race was white and that the only religion that mattered was Baptist. When I turned 15 he walked out of my life because I had a Hispanic boyfriend. I didn’t see life in the light that he tried to teach me. Till this day (19 years later) I still do not have a relationship with my father and I am OK with that. I have found that we all bleed the same color blood and that someone of a different culture or…

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