What I Have Different Definitions Of Friendship Essay

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We all have different definitions of friendship, but I define it as a relationship between two people that share a common bond with each other. A friendship can either make or break us; it happens every day, they can either last or fail miserably. Therefore, as we grow older, our tastes, value and interests change hence; the person we loved yesterday is not the person we love today. Friends are usually from among individuals considered as "social equals." I’ve had a few of them throughout my lifetime and they have fallen into four main categories which deals with time and durability.
Seven-eleven friends help in the time of need. Throughout college, we encountered these friendships of convenience because it is easy to have them and they are always available. However, our paths do not cross on a daily basis: like the next-door neighbor, the girl at the salon or the women at the laundry mat on Sundays that gives us extra detergent. If our bus card is lost and we’re stuck at school, they will offer us a ride. They will even lend us money to pay our phone bill when we do not enough funds. When we need to buy a car and want to second opinion, they will accompany us to the dealership. The nice neighbor who would collect our mail when away on vacation with the family. The girl who gives us a ride to choir practice when our car won 't start. Perhaps a recommendation on which mathematics teacher to take to pass a college class they will recommend you one.

Short-term friends…

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