What I Did It Go Wrong? Essay

1480 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Reminder to self and notice to the world

It was a typical morning when I woke up with extreme fuzziness. I left my bed and headed to the bathroom to wash away the sleepiness left in my brain. I turned the faucet and let the water keep flowing as I brush my teeth slowly. I spit out the fresh strong minty bitter flavor of toothpaste in disgust and looked at my own spit. There was blood. I thought to myself “What did I do wrong to bleed so early in the morning?”. Right. Where did it go wrong? I looked at myself in the mirror as I slapped cold water across my cheeks to remind myself how privileged I am right now, compared to what I have seen in life before.
Taking a walk back down my memory lanes, I remembered how I grew up in a Karen refugee camp that resides in Thailand. I was only eleven years old. My dad and I left Burma because of Saffron Revolution. It was a revolution where all the monks in Burma came together to protest for a large hike in fuel price. I remember the revolution like a painting in my head. It is on a canvas painted with Golden Pagoda in the background and at the bottom dead bodies of the monks lying in a pool of crimson blood. Dad was chased after by the government because they saw him along with the protesters in the photos taken by the media even though he did not take part in the protest. As soon as we flee, my mom who was already in the United States for her job got her asylum status, which automatically made my dad and I asylees. This is the start of…

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