What I Come From A Family Essay

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I come from a family that is rich in military respect. I grew up with my parents being married until I was in high school and I have 8 siblings. Most of the men in my immediate family are in a branch of service, mostly the Army. We have a strong sense of duty and love for our country. I say we because even though the women aren’t serving in the military we serve beside our husband, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and nephews. This is a common belief from anyone who family in any branch of the military, it’s because we support our soldiers and take care of things at home if they’re serving.
It’s a bittersweet situation being a part of an Army family. We get to move around the U.S. and meet a ton of people this makes it easier to relate to people of different backgrounds in other cases we may not have met since we’ve lived in little towns. On the other side of that we have to leave our friends and schools often and sometimes it’s hard to feel as though we have roots. We are close with our families because in a new city we’re all we know and that can also be the hard part at the same time. The hardest part for me being in an Army family is now that we’re all grown and my brothers are serving, we all live so far away from each other, even if we live close for a few years soon one of the families will get moved to a new station. The good that comes of this is that we can visit some cool places in the U.S. or overseas and we usually have someone in the area we can stay…

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