GI Jews-How World War Changed Generation Summary

In Debora Dash Moore’s article “GI Jews-How World War Changed Generations”, it discusses the experience of the World War era, from when civilians are called into the military, and when they go through training. It also discusses the struggles that they had to go through with arms. It also highlights of the desperations of Jewish brothers who serves in the arm forces during the world war era. Moore expands on the Jewish encounter with the American military, and the kind of struggles that they have to go through, all in the name of patriotism for the nation. Moreover, the writer throws more light on the reaction of Jewish families whose members are caught up by the draft to serve in the military. From the writer’s point of view, some families react with desperations and …show more content…
The transmission from civilian to military made them to leave their families and neighbor to socialize with other people in the military. This is because new recruits in the military do not have access to their family and friends. However, the only family they have is their colleagues in the military. They believe that joining the military is about saying good bye to your accustomed past. Therefore, after saying good bye to family and friends, one has no contact with family members and friends as he gets to the training center. The writer discusses the worries of Jewish parents as their son enters the military. She argues that they fear that the religious liberty of their sons may be trampled upon. This is because they still want their sons in the military to hold on to the Jewish culture, especially eating food allowed to be eaten by Jews, and following the commandments. Moreover, they are also afraid their Son may not be victims of discrimination, since a lot of people do not like Jews. In this regard, they want their children to take Jewish friend in the

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