Essay about What Have You Learned About Yourself So Far?

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• What have you learned about yourself so far?
When I signed up for Human relations in Administration I was just expecting to learn just about practices to apply in the office, but I was pleasantly surprised that I would be learning so much more about myself and how I can better myself in my career and my everyday life.
The Jungian Typology test was the most interesting to me as it almost describes me perfectly. It shocked me that a simple test online could tell so much about myself. The most poignant finding in the test, which I have always been aware of, is the fact that I am a true introvert. I seem to stick closest with my family and a few close friends, but struggle with relationships outside of these. While being an introvert is not necessarily negative attribute, it has caused me struggles throughout my life. As an introvert, I struggle during interviews; I am around people that I do not know; it is hard for me open-up, hide my nervousness, and show my true self. This issue led to two very difficult moments in my life that lead to a lot of self-doubt in my abilities and my strengths as a person. I had applied for positions within two different companies and I struggled during the interviews; as an introvert, it is a struggle for me to op-n up and be myself around people that I am unfamiliar with. Due to my struggles it lead me, in both situations, to not be offered the specific position I applied for, but a different position within the companies. When I was called,…

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