What Have You Learned About Instructional Planning? Essay

1081 Words Nov 19th, 2016 5 Pages
a. What have you learned about instructional planning? (Refer to the process and to the product in your reflection.)
• The process of instruction planning starts at looking at the outcome you want the students to learn or do. It is a multiple step process to help make sure every students’ needs are being met. To complete a product, students need to know different parts of the unit for them to understand what they are doing. I also learned that while planning instruction it should include technology, writing, and reading. Students need to develop on these skills throughout their life and we need to incorporate it into different aspects of their education to help. I learned that to plan for instruction, you need to look at collaboration. There is a lot of opportunities to collaborate throughout a lesson from teachers and teachers, teacher and student, teacher to librarian, etc. I Learned that during instructional planning you need to connect it previous and next lesson to show student growth throughout the unit. When planning for instruction it needs to be focused on a driving question that defines a problem, issues, or questions. It needs to be meaningful to students. When planning the product, it needs to connect everything the class has learned throughout the unit. It needs to be able show student understanding. A rubric is needed to show students what is expected of them. The unit and product needs to be introduced in a way to get students excited and ready to be…

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