What Happens When You Play Video Games For Too Long Essay

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Media is a versatile tool used for education, news, and enjoyment. The types of enjoyment sought can vary from positive and pleasant reactions or negative effects. Video game usage is a controversial topic because while it provides entertainment, it also affects cognitive thinking, influences, and overall behavior. Trent Moore’s article, “What happens when you play video games for too long” outlines both positive and negative effects of media entertainment.

Moore describes video games are “awesome”; they help improve critical thinking and hand-eye coordination and may improve brain activity. The enjoyment of playing might convince gamers to overlook the unpleasant effects. But like all things, Moore states, it comes down to pacing and moderation. Too much, like too much of water or sleep, can take you down, he states.
Video games will more than likely take a toll on your health condition. A condition known as deep vein thrombosis or informally known as, “economy class syndrome” results from frequently sitting down for too long. The condition occurred to two individuals from Britain and New Zealand resulting in life-threatening blood cloths and death. Constant usage can also result in strain injuries triggered by repetitive thumb motions of the thumbs and fingers.
Health conditions, such as lower back pain, is prone to young children as well. A study conducted in 1999, found that amongst 392 children aged nine, 142 (36%) suffered from lower back pain and 33 (23%) sought…

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