What Happened To David's Men?

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Saul was vulnerable in the cave with David and his men. They were ready to kill him but he spares his life and just cut off the corner of his robe. David said that he had the opportunity to kill him but he said that his hand will never be against him.
Lead Though Questions:
David and his men were far back in the……… (Cave.)
I will give your enemy to you’re…….. (Hands.)
I said, ‘I will not lay my hand on my lord because he is the LORD’s ………. (Anointed).’
Spiritual Questions:
Why did David not kill Saul?
What did David cut off?
What did David’s men say when Saul came into the cave?

Spiritual Application Questions:
What do we have to do with people who try to hurt us?
Would you do the same?
First Encounter: Valeria Armendariz/ Mexico.
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After telling her about Saul’s Story I made the lead through question and she did not fail anyone (she has A in every class, a really good listener).She also added some information did I did know. She gave a good point of view about why she thinks that David cut Saul’s robe. Valeria said that in her perspective, he did it to emphasize that he really was close to David, to make him think that he was in danger because easily David could kill him. However, David did not kill him just showed the big opportunity that he had and actually maybe tried to frighten

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