Highest Law In Sophocles 'Antigone'

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The play Antigone, one of the many plays written by the author Sophocles can show many messages and different meanings to all that read it. There is however one message that is shown clearly as Antigone is read and that’s the law of Ancient god’s. Many people believe that the highest law is the law of the government and the people and that there is no such thing as a law of god’s. In some cases this might be correct depending on your religious beliefs. However in the play Antigone it is learned that the highest law is actually the law of the Ancient God’s. This is shown through a series of events that happen in the play and how King Creon is punished and suffers in the end.
From the start of the play it is learned that a war has ended
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Still stuck with his pride King Creon refuses to hear what anyone has to say about Antigone or how the god’s are angry. From this moment on the warnings are done and the God’s send out to do what everyone has warned the King of. Antigone later dies and with her death later comes Haimon’s, taken his own life with a sword to spend the afterlife with Antigone.
King Creon upset of his action knowing that if he listened to the truth the God’s will have not punished him “the truth is hard to bear. Surely a god has crushed me beneath the hugest weight of heaven, and driven me headlong a barbaric way to trample out the thing I held most dear.” (Sophocles. Exodus. Lines 94-97). A messenger soon after lets the King know the Queen is also dead and before stabbing herself put a curse on him. Learning of the tragic news King Creon prays for death and enters into the palace.
Law not just for the people but for the God’s as well has been shown. It is now clear that the law does not stop with the people and that we on earth do not have the last say. King Creon learned this for himself and has now wished he had listened when the warnings were giving to

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