What Elements Would Make A Fashion Brand Store Popular? Essay

875 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
What elements would make a fashion brand store popular? A brand store should have trendy clothes, low cost, diversity, and good services. There are a lot of brands in the world would fit those category, but Primark is the one fits the best to all of those. Even though, Primark is not a familiar brand name to U.S. people, but it is very popular in European. Primark is the Ireland brand name and they started in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland under the name Penney. Nowadays, Primark has 270 stores across in nine countries in Europe and Americas. Primark is starting to hit on the U.S.; the first store was opened in Boston since September 2015. Primark has a low cost, good services, and it is a diversity brand. Primark can be seen as a diversity brand. Primark clothes are fit to all ages and genders. They have a lot of options that consumers are willing to buy. Not only selling clothes, Primark also sells accessories, bags, and shoes. Primark satisfies their consumer needs by improving their collection by seasons. For winter, Primark offers thick coats, warm leggings, and boots with comfortable fur inside them. For summer, Primark provides tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses. Also they design their clothes that people can wear to school or even to any formal events. Primark not only selling their own designing clothes, they also follow the fashion trends on the world. The Primark store has four floors, and each sells different kind of clothes for different ages. Primark is a top…

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