What Does You Do You? Essay

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1. If you are present when two friends disagree or have an argument…how do you handle it? What is your involvement? How direct are you? Do you disengage, get involved, try to mediate…?

If I were in a situation where two friends are having an argument I would immediately handle it by getting both of them to focus on me rather than each other. My involvement would be to act as a judge during the argument like it was a court debate. I would be as direct as possible with both of my friends yet stay neutral so neither of them feel like they are losing the argument. I would get involved being that one of the otter’s character traits is “Think before you speak, and consider consequences before you act”. I would sit back and watch as if they couldn’t see me then intervene after listening to both sides of each argument.

2. If you want to do something (x) and your best friend or partner wants to do something else (y), how is it decided. Do you usually get to do what you want? OR..do you usually give in…and do what other’s want to do. EG…if someone says where to you want to go to eat…do you give the name of a restaurant or say..it doesn’t matter. If someone says what movie do you want to watch….do you give them an answer or say…you pick.

If I am ever in a situation when my friend and I have opposing goals on something there are many factors that can determine the outcome. The most important factor is which friend I’m having a conversation with. If it’s a friend that is…

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