Essay What Does The Media Have On Teens?

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Summary of the research question and outcome

The final question my research project was based around was inspired by an article I read. It explained that a new generation of teens were being brainwashed by social expectations, this spurred many underlying questions: “what effect does the media have on teens?” were these affects short term? or can they possibly follow teenagers into later life? does age, gender, location affect how they see themselves and what can the parents of today do to shape a healthy body image for their teens? By conducting surveys I was able to conclude that teenagers today were obsessed with body image, to try and change how teens see themselves is a near impossible task, but one of the main influences on a teens life is their parents, and as one of the major points of my research I decided to write a feature article as my final outcome to assist parents. (1 Words)


The mental health of teenagers is such a broad topic, the focus of my research project could not be simply mental health, one of the key influences of teenagers’ wellbeing is body image, after some refining my main focus was to be on teens and what can affect their mental health. I have developed skills through researching and refining to make sure that the chosen research question was accurate and had enough research surrounding it to make a solid argument. As parents grow more concerned about their children, mental health of young adults is a growing epidemic, and as a…

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