Female Body Image Position Essay

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Cheyenne Baker
Position Essay
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The Media and Female Body Image The media is everywhere. Magazines. TV shows. Movies. People are exposed to it on the daily. But, very little attention is given to whom is exposed or what messages are being conveyed. Females, young and old, from the very beginning are exposed to the broadcasting and the sorts. Image upon image of a “perfect” female are constantly drilled into their heads. Everything from “flawless” skin to “proportioned” bodies are scattered across the way and viewed by those of the fairer sex. It causes them to think that their otherwise normal and beautiful bodies do not live up to those standards. Beauty standards created by the media and are streamed out to the female population;
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One would think that due to maturing women would be less susceptible to the images of the media. But in fact, “80% of woman who took part in a magazine survey agreed that images on TV and magazines make them feel insecure” (citation), even higher at 80% compared to the 69% of girls who make an ideal body image in their head. Women have it worse when it comes to representation across the way. They are presented as busty, ignorant objects. A prime example being the Victoria Secrets show that occurs every year. While the models may be “pretty” and “perfect” there is a very strict range of requirement they have to fulfill or they do not get asked to be in the show or model in general. With those ranges involving height, weight, and bust size it is evident that the media prefers to keep the women all looking the same. To make a point, “an average US woman is 5’4” tall weighing 140 pounds; the average US model is 5’11” weighing 117 pounds” (citation). Those qualifications seem near impossible to be naturally born with. But it also makes model boring because they all have the same body type. Unfortunately, it does not seem to matter because they are “perfect” due to media standards. Almost. Models are still not “perfect” by the standards. Models and actors alike often dawn a ridiculous amount of make-up for shows they are in. But it is not only that. They are often heavily photoshopped for any imagery they may appear in. These women are “edited” beyond what is humanly possible. “80% of woman who took part in a magazine survey agreed that images on TV and magazines make them feel insecure”(Self Image…3), almost 90% of images in magazines are likely photoshopped and that is the issue. But why do this? Why make women feel bad about their body image? Money. A great example is the hamburger you often see presented in TV commercials. It looks delicious and you crave it but it is a façade. The one you see on TV is simply made

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