What Does The Agency / Business Organization Does It Fit With Your Concentration And Interests?

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Where is your internship and what does the agency/business/organization do? Did it fit with your concentration and interests? I spent this summer interning with an event rental company in Natomas known as Events. This business focuses on providing rentals such as chairs, sofas, dinnerware and centerpieces for special events.The company also provides floral arrangement services. The majority of business comes from weddings, however; the businesses also provided rental services for events for Facebook, Google and several celebrities. This company has been featured not only in a variety of magazines, but television as well. One of the main reasons I decided to concentrate in public relations was because of my interest in event planning. By interning for Botanica Events, I was able to learn more about event planning as well as the other contributing factors to running a business. The primary factor that I focused on was social media. As someone who grew up in the early 2000’s it is safe to safe I’m comfortable with technology. The majority of my life has been influenced greatly through social media and although I knew a great deal, I learned so much more through this internship. Has the internship been a valuable learning experience? Explain in detail. When I first started as an intern, I figured that the majority of my duties would include posting an Instagram once or twice and maybe running to get coffee. I had the belief that I would be left alone and would be working…

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