What Does Prejudice May Construct An Environment? Essay

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Guru explains how prejudice may construct an environment where a social worker may be affected by these attitudes of suspicion and hostility when working with a Muslim client. Consequently, this would influence the quality of service provided to the Muslim clients and lead to a very hostile working environment. Thus, there is an essential need for workplaces to administer in-service training for social work practitioners to disassemble their own hidden feelings and biases. These biases need to be dismantled or else it would affect a practitioner’s interaction with Muslim clients. Therefore, the literature search illustrates the need for social work curriculums to address inequalities faced by Muslim people in a domestic and international context and also for practitioners and educators to have more of a political and critical stance on Islamophobia. Guru stresses that social work organizations need to construct local, national and international links with social justice and human rights organizations to combat this critical issue.
4.3 Recommendations for Working with Muslim Clients
A qualitative interview was conducted with 50 social work practitioners (both Muslim and non-Muslim) with direct or clinical service experience in four Canadian cities (Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto) to acquire understanding into methods of practice that are culturally sensitive for working with Muslim clients (Bradshaw, Graham, & Trew, 2010). This report highlights how social work can…

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