What Does It Mean For College? Essay

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Raine Conti
E. Sweeny
ENG 112
Standard Argument
College Neighborhoods; Quieting the Commotion
What does it mean to be neighborly? Neighborly means to act in a friendly and respectful manner. Even the definition of the word neighborly implies that neighbors should act amiably with one another. Unfortunately, that understanding is not prevalent between individuals in college neighborhoods. College neighborhoods have a reputation of being disorderly and having apathetic behavior. Many students may not be prepared for the responsibilities of living on their own. There are programs in some universities that help students acclimate themselves to real-world living situations. These programs have shown that communicating the issues of discourteousness among neighbors in a college setting helps to develop more favorable living conditions. College students should be made aware of the obligations and duties expected of them as neighbors living in an off-campus setting in order to create amiable relationships between individuals in college neighborhoods.
In many cases, especially for non-students, living near a college neighborhood can be detrimental to someone’s quality of life. A quick search on the internet reveals many forums and reports of the complications that college students have caused in communities. Many individuals have complained about rude and disrespectful behavior coming from college student residents. According to Susan C. Thomson, a reporter for the St.…

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