What Does It Mean For A Muslim? Essay

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In the early years within the continually growing Muslim Empire, there continued to be a question which affected all of those adherent to the word of Muhammad. What does it mean to be a Muslim? Such a question is to be expected in the formation of Confessional Empires, as the same can be seen in the west with Christianity; is it right to follow the Nicene Creed or the Arian doctrine? But in the expansion of the Muslim Empire, the question is seen much differently as it could contain not just a religious component but also social and political components as well. As seen in many primary sources, the question of what it means to be a Muslim is explored in many facets, through the Treaty with Christians in The Capitulation of Najran, an appeal to lead a more pious life in Letters to Umar II and the judgement of a fraudulent Muslim in From the History of Prophets and Kings. In all these writings it is clear that while the Muslim Empire is on the rise, it still has far to go to establish Islam as its state religion.
In the First case, that of the Capitulation of Najran, the narrator tells of a treaty signed by the inhabitants of Najran and the Prophet Muhammad. The agreement between the primarily Christian populace of Najran and Muhammad shows very interesting insight to how the early Muslim expansion dealt with the adherents of other religions, not only in their religious aspects, but also on a political and economic level. Firstly, from the account of this treaty it is…

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