What Does It Does Not Offer Any Undergraduate Degrees Or Courses?

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TCMI does not offer any undergraduate degrees or courses. It does not have a general education program. The subcomponents do not apply to TCMI.

Both of TCMI 's degree programs require students to complete substantial reading requirements, analyze contrasting viewpoints, and communicate their thinking to other students and to faculty members. This is verified by faculty and student reports and by observation of assignments and discussion areas in the online portion of several courses in the Moodle system.

Students report that that the Research Methods course introduces them to graduate-level modes of inquiry. For this reason, faculty and administration made this a required course which students are encouraged to take early in their Masters Degree program. Students and faculty report building on these skills in subsequent courses. Student reflective papers, present in all courses reviewed in the Moodle system, require them to creatively apply their learning to their particular ministry settings. M.A. students undertake pastoral projects in their ministry settings that require them to adapt their knowledge to that particular setting, while M.Div. students express their learning in a more analytical thesis. Both of these projects are well-suited to the unusual and changing environments in which these students work, especially in areas where Christian pastoral ministry is not supported and, in fact, may lead to persecution.

The learning environment at TCMI has a much higher…

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