Reflection On The Pre-Capstone Reflection

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This research study was very time consuming and thought provoking. With the Pre-Capstone and Capstone courses behind me, I can now reflect on what I have learned and accomplished through the entire process. Having completed this research study, I have acquired more knowledge about the subject of research, in addition to myself as an individual. I have also brought to light the strengths and weakness of the study as a whole. I have experienced and learned a great deal by going through this process and completing this research study. I have learned exactly how much work is put into a research study; through the research of the topic, developing and writing a thorough proposal, generating and sending out a survey, imputing results,
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I am all for the challenge of a new class, but this material, this workload, was something that I was not used to and honestly the sixty to eighty plus page sample papers were a little intimidating. While reading through the course materials my first initial thought was how difficult this research study was going to be. Looking at the project, as a complete study was frightening, however, the professor was aware of this and made every effort to help my colleagues and myself through the process. The professor helped by dividing the sections of the paper and allowing for discussion and feedback from both herself and the other students in this course. The information gained in the discussion was used to better organize and write the study. Over a period of a year’s time, I was handed many obstacles; obstacles such as writing particular sections and having a large amount of work to do within short time periods. I was challenged through the whole process and could see growth in myself along every step of the way. There were many times, even when I thought I had written my very best that I had to rewrite certain sections in order to present a better study to the audience. I commend the professor for her help through the entire …show more content…
One weakness that was not at all foreseen was the need to send individual surveys to participants. VINx does offer the option of sending a mass email to all clients with an email address on file. In order to do this, I needed to write an introduction and brief explanation of my survey for the company to use within the email that they would generate. This was not an issue whatsoever. However, the company then informed me that when sending the mass email, the clients would have to remember their own username and password and log into the pet portal themselves. I was not too sure about this idea. I felt that more clients would ignore the survey knowing that they had to remember or in some cases even look up their information. For that reason, I decided to manually send individual surveys, as it would be more convenient for the clients. Within the pet portal, VINx, when sending an individual survey email, the clients are automatically logged into their account when they click on the survey link. Because I did not want to inconvenience clients, I was only able to send out 822 individual emails within the allotted time frame. Another weakness found with the study was that the subject of pet portals was not as widely known as I had anticipated. I had quite a few clients ask what the pet portal was even for. This was disheartening to me and could have potentially affected the accuracy of my results.

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