Essay What Does It Do For Making A Well Written Piece?

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What device does almost everyone in their everyday lives use? What, to both CEO’s of million-dollar company’s and stay home moms, is useful? It is not an iPhone; it is a rubric; either in paper form or imaginary form. With a rubric, working through decisions are easier. Fair grades or critiques of activities, leaders, ideas, homework, etc. is the main use. Of course the rubric changes according to what is being graded, but the inspiration is the same. Several important, yet simple aspects of books that are crucial for making a well written piece are included; a strong opening, relatable character, plot twists, romance, conflict, and happy endings. Consisting of six sections, the rubric explicitly shows what creates a worthwhile read in my opinion. A grade is assigned to each section according to importance. “Plot twists” have thirty-five percent, “happy endings” twenty percent, “strong endings” twenty percent, “relatable characters” ten percent, “conflict” ten percent, and “romance” five percent. In order for each criterion to receive full credit there must be at least three different examples of each one in the writing. I then placed these specifications in order of the highest ranking to lowest ranking. Lastly, I left space to insert the examples and their page numbers in the graph.
Now that we have covered the background of the rubric, we can continue on to the first criterion and discuss why it is important in a piece of writing. Any opening’s purpose, whether it be in…

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